Your windows can get a new life, by adjusting, repairing or replacing the fittings and you can feel safe if you choose the fittings with the anti-theft options.
Window repair
You can replace broken glass or completely replace your old double-glazed windows with new energy-saving glass, sun protection, anti-vandal, secure or decorative glass.
Glass replacement
You didn’t have window sills?
You can order from us standard sills or Danke sills with different texture (wood, marble, onyx, etc.), that will renovate your home, giving it a modern look.
Installation of window sills
If the adjustment of the fittings does not help to close tightly the window, the situation can be remedied by replacing the seal of the window Our workers will select for you the most suitable seal, complying the geometry of the window and tightness.
Replacement of seals
The installed closers will keep your door closed, keeping cool air in the room at summer (while the air conditioner consumes electricity, cooling the air) and warm air in the room at winter (while consuming energy).
Installation of closers
Our installers will dismantle carefully the old windows or doors, and install new products, respecting all requirements.
Installing windows
If the door or window is blocked, our specialists will unlock the opening and install a new door lock if necessary.
Unlocking doors and windows
If the window is a barrier to the withdrawal of the boiler pipe or kitchen hood, we provide windows reinstallation and remaking services at low cost.
Cutting glass
If your anti mosquito net is damaged, we can fix it or you can order a new one: classic, roll or pleated net. Also you can use only the installation service if you already have a net.
Installation / repair anti mosquito nets

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