PVC  windows appeared on the Moldovan market in the late 1990s.

information about multifunctional glasses was not available at that time,nowadays manufacturers offer a wide range of glass which can be included in the initial window completion, or can replace a regular double-glazed unit (a glass unit mounted in a PVC frame) with a multifunctional window in an already installed window. Replacement of the insulating glass only (the glass block inside the window) is less expensive than replacing the window itself and does not require additional repair work, if the existing PVC windows are in satisfactory condition.

Is the element that opens and closes the window. Sometimes arise difficulties in the operation of the fittings, such as blowing through a closed window in the cold season, the opening is blocked, damaged handles, sealing seals, etc. The problem is solved by adjusting or completing replacement the fittings.

Usually, the windows are equipped with handles and decors of white or brown color. As an option, are available: handles of other colors;  handles  with  keys for children’s safety;  secure handles.

Functionality, as well as the design of windows can be emphasized by window sills and tills. Applied inside, PVC sills are an effective method of protecting the windows against mechanical shocks. Special coating of premium sills, maintains the original look for a long time, since it is resistant to sunlight, easy to clean and does not require painting.

The climate of the rooms is usually conditioned by the ventilation system of the buildings. The  most of projects involve a natural ventilation system: fresh air enters through the windows and the air saturated with CO2 is removed through the ventilation of  kitchen, bath, etc.  DUCO has developed the DUCO Ventilation profiles for natural and healthy ventilation. This product guarantee comfort and the good air quality in all the rooms with a less lost of heat.  The solution offered by DUCO is natural and energy efficient.

Narrow or wide metal strips  are installed between the glass space of double-glazed window. Can be combined in various forms and patterns, creating an individual design, emphasizing the look of your home. If you are bored by the monotonous appearance of your windows, you can replace only the glass with double-glazed windows with a decorative strip. A decorative white or gold color bar (or any other color on request), narrow or wide, will allow you to create a unique design and nice appearance.

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